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This Post has GONE TO THE DOGS

Chikn Biscuit Dog TreatsDogs are family members of many households so I decided to include a post about my FAVORITE dog treats. Now don’t think I eat them … this is definitely for the dogs 🙂

Waggin’ Train has NOT endorsed or solicited this post!

My dog is a picky eater. He is even more picky about treats. When he was a puppy he seemed to only like the really expensive ones. Plain rawhide would sit on the floor and never be touched. He was truly eating me out of house and home with treats. His treat consumption is not high. He gets about 4 a day and only after going outside to do his “business.” Even this amount was still expensive.

Thankfully, I found Waggin’ Trail brand treats one day at the Dollar Store. I bought a package of  Western Grill Assorted Dog Treats to test out since it had a variety of the companies treats. My dog LOVED all of them. I couldn’t believe the value and felt I had run into a goldmine of savings. This is why I wanted to put a spotlight on them. If you visit their website at Waggin’ Train, you’ll see that they really care about dogs. There is an excellent guide on feeding treats to dogs of different sizes. There are also resources for dog owners including dog adoption and social skills. I personally enjoyed reading about the companies Team Members under the “About” tab.

Don’t let your dog eat you out of house and home. Give these treats a try and I’m sure you’ll be glad. So will your dog. As for me, happy dog=happy owner.

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Now THIS is Alarming

Emerson Alarm ClockA necessary evil in my opinion but an item I cannot do without. The humble alarm clock. It may be humble but some thought needs to go into selecting one. This was the one for me. I had an earlier model and it still works great. I replaced it for just one reason. This clock sets itself automatically for Daylight Savings Time (DST). The older one did too. The older one was unaware of the new dates to change the time which were altered in 2007…this one has the new date system programmed into it.

Of course the clock has all the regular features you’d expect like dual alarms, choice of buzzer or radio or both, weekday and weekend alarm presets, snooze and so on, so I’d like to focus on the features that SOLD me.

– SmartSet Technology … This clock remains set to the correct time. If the power goes out, it will set itself correctly when the power comes back on. This was a MAJOR plus.

– Large display. I can read the time from across the room … even without my glasses!

– Motion detection. You can dim (or turn off and on) the display with the wave of your hand. The snooze button is there but can be activated with a wave of the hand. The motion detector requires you to wave your hand right in front of the clock so that movement in bed does not have any effect on it.

– Automatic DST Adjustment. Any clock I don’t have to manually set in spring and fall is a BIG bonus for me.

In my love/hate relationship with alarm clocks, I found that the Emerson Alarm Clock allows me to lean a bit more towards the love side. The SmartSet Technology and the large display are especially appreciated. Check it out yourself. I think you’ll be glad you did!

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Have you seen Mechanical Turk?

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a web service that can make you some extra side money. I ran across it several months ago but didn’t really put a long look until about 2 weeks ago. In those 2 weeks, I actually have earned $56 which I successfully had electronically transferred into my personal checking account.

You will not become rich with Mechanical Turk, but you really can make some side cash with it. Signing up at Mechanical Turk is completely free. Once you have an account you are able to browse the jobs offered. Jobs are called HITs (Human Intelligent Task) and you get paid for any HIT you complete. Once you have accumulated at least $10, you can transfer the funds to your bank or accept them as Amazon Gift cards. I actually found a $10 HIT for completing a 15 minute survey and…YES…I did get paid. So far, I’ve completed 196 HITS and not one has been rejected.

I will warn you that there are some HITS that feel scammish (is that a word?) and I refuse to accept the job offer. I do not accept HITS that want me to provide personal information like my email, home address, or phone number. Most of the ones I accept to do are surveys from Universities and other schools. They tend to pay $0.50 to $3.00. Your common sense will let you figure out which ones to participate in.

My bottom line take on Mechanical Turk is that it cost NO money and does make you a few dollars. A few things to remember are:

– Pay is generally less than minimum wage (but not for all HITS)

– You only do HITS that you choose

– The money earn is real (I’ve personally tested that)

– Don’t expect this to make you a fortune

– Many of the HITS are actually fun to complete

– Many of the HITS are tedious

– The service is available 24/7

Only you can decide if you like working with Mechanical Turk but I’ve found it to be an OK way to make a few extra bucks…and who doesn’t like that? Go on, give them a try.

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My Winner from a field of 3 Griddles

You are looking at the winner for me right here. It is the Cuisinart Griddler.

I looked at several griddle models before deciding on this one. The two others I had narrowed my search down to were the Broil King Ultra Large and the Presto Professional Jumbo.

My needs included even surface temperatures, easy cleaning, and reasonable storage space. The 2 I rejected were flat model grills. Both would be awkward to clean in my small sink and with storage space at a premium, difficult to find a space for (except maybe a closet). They both had excellent cooking features and rating reviews but they simply didn’t fit my needs.

On looking at the Cuisinart model, I realized that it’s folding property would allow it to fit in one of my cabinets. The cooking surfaces are removable and can flip from smooth griddle to a ridged grill surface. The other great thing is that after using it I simply pop off the cooking surfaces and put them in the dishwasher … can you say “EASY CLEANUP?” The heat is evenly distributed and I can use just one or both surfaces as needed.

Owning the Cuisinart Griddler is a joy when it comes to eggs and bacon, steak, hamburger, or any other hot sandwich. If you are anything like me, I know you’ll find it meets your needs. Speaking of needs, I’m hungry…anyone care to join me for some grilled cheese sandwiches?

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The Logitech G19 Keyboard – NOT Your Father’s Keyboard

The Logitech G19 KeyboardThis is a keyboard I received as a gift from a very good friend. I have always wanted a back-lit keyboard since I often use my computer in dim lighting. Man oh man, was I surprised when I found myself with the “big boy” of all back-lit keyboards!

I knew nothing about it beforehand, but the out of the box experience was smooth. I plugged it into an open USB port on my computer and then the AC Adapter onto my power supply. The AC adapter is required to run the video screen. I then installed the drivers with the included CD-ROM and in a total time of less than 10 minutes was up and running. That includes checking for and installing the latest updates. It was a piece of cake. I then quickly discovered that you could set the back-light to your choice of color. Personally, I like using a shade of aqua blue, but you can choose any shade of any color. I also quickly discovered that the video screen had many built in programs. You can view YouTube over internet or videos and pictures on your hard drive. It can display a clock, your computer system stats, or your web cam and much more.

One of my favorite uses of the video screen is when I am playing my favorite MMORPG, Everquest2. I use Ventrilo for voice communication with other players and I can see the users coming in and out of the chat room as well as notification of who is talking at any time. Pretty cool.

There are 12 programmable Macro keys which are useful for serious gamers, but I haven’t made use of those yet. You can set 3 profiles for them so you really have 36 programmable keys. The keyboard does save the settings in it’s own memory which would come in handy if you wanted to take it to another computer. You would not have to reprogram them!

The feel of the keyboard while typing is good. The tactile response is nice (although I am old school and would love it if manufacturers would bring back the feel of the old IBM Selectronic keyboards). The look of all the lights are visually stunning to me. There is a scroll wheel and media keys on the upper right, but I’ve not really had occasion to use them yet. 2 USB ports are included along the back edge which is also very nice.

Overall, I love my keyboard and after 6 months of ownership wouldn’t trade it for any other. This is not a product for everybody. It’s actually overkill in features, but it gives me pleasure every time I use it (which is everyday). If you would like to check out more information at Amazon, then click Logitech G19 Keyboard. There is a bad review listed there but in my opinion, it is way off base. Apparently most others think so as well since the overall star rating is very high.

If you have the Logitech G19 Keyboard or if you get one, I would love to hear your comments.

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It’s My Story and I’m Sticking to it

There are so many items and services we use throughout our lives. I’m the type that loves to try new things, but it’s not unusual for me to investigate a product or service first.

I think you are like that too.

That’s the reason for this Blog. Being a consumer of both retail and web products and services, I want to share my candid reviews in the hope that it will be helpful when you are making decisions.

I’m just one person, but I’m not much different than anyone else and  I promise to provide my honest feelings in each post.

Since I’ll be reviewing all sorts of things, you may find it useful to use the search box as the number of post grow. I truly hope you can find useful information here.

Thanks for visiting my Blog!

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